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It’s Messed Up for Democrats to Use the No Fly List to Push For Gun Laws

And Republicans pushing back by citing due process after years trying to squelch it is no less hypocritical By Trevor Timm | Originally Published at The Guardian and Observer. December 5, 2015 05.00 EST | Photographic Credit; Let’s not pretend Republicans suddenly care about the due [...]

2.7 Million Kids Have Parents in Prison. They’re Losing Their Right to Visit

My small feet thump the concrete as I hurry toward the door. My four older brothers trail closely behind. Upon entering, we disappear into the apartment and excitedly explore every corner. We peek out the window at our new playmates. By morning, the scent of [...]

Rahm Emanuel Urged Calm with No Offer To Fix Chicago’s Underlying Problems

By Mikki Kendall | Originally Published at The Guardian and Observer. November 25, 2015 The mayor said he didn’t see the Laquan McDonald shooting video before its public release, but that doesn’t absolve him from leadership on this – or anything else Chicago Mayor: ‘I understand [...]

Our Prisons in Black and White

After swelling for decades, the number of Americans in prison is finally, gradually beginning to shrink. For the first time since 1978, populations in both state and federal prisons are getting smaller, the result of an overall decline in crime, an easing of the War [...]

The Harsh Treatment of Black Girls in the South’s Public Schools; An Index

The brutal arrest of a student in a South Carolina classroom in the last week of October 2015 has sparked outrage over the treatment of Black girls in public schools across the South. An Index of the History By Sue Sturgis | Originally Published [...]

A Short History of Cops Terrorizing Students

By Alex S. Vitale | Originally Published at The Nation. October 28, 2015 | Photographic Credit; WHNT. The mainstream media are abuzz with possible justifications for the videotaped brutalization of a South Carolina high-school student by a sheriff’s deputy assigned to the school. CNN analyst and former [...]

The Piercing Cry of Child Poverty in Economically Rich but Spiritually Poor America

Pope Francis speaks out faithfully and forcefully against poverty and has been called “the pope of the poor.” But on his first visit to the United States there was demoralizing news about poverty, especially child poverty, in our nation—the world’s largest [...]

Schools as Fearmongering Factories: The Case of Ahmed Mohamed

By Henry A. Giroux | Op-Ed | Originally Published at Truthout | How much longer can a nation ignore the transformation of schools into punishing factories? (Photographic Credit: #IStandWithAhmed via CNET) World renowned author Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o observed that "Children are the future of any society [and [...]

Where’s #BlackLivesMatter In the Struggle Against School Privatization?

#BlackLivesMatter's national board promptly reacted to a fulsome DNC endorsement with an apparent repudiation. While rhetorical opposition to Democrats is fine, on-the-ground work against their concrete polices is a step further. Apart from the prison and police state itself, no Democratic policy affects our communities more adversely [...]