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A Teachable Moment: How OU failed Transformation 101

I am a college professor. It is an essential part of my identity. Yes, I research, publish (not as much as I should), and consult but nothing gives me greater joy than my interactions with my students. Teaching, particularly the motley crew of pre-adults known [...]

Stop Blaming Poor Parents for Their Children’s Vocabulary

By Paul Thomas | Originally Published at The Conversation. November 10, 2014 | He’s been reading for months already. Mother and child via Yuganov Konstantin/Shutterstock While the reading wars in education have raged for decades, most people agree that literacy is crucial for children and that the [...]

New York Mayor’s Preschool Crusade Helps Better-Off Families

By Bruce Fuller, University of California, Berkeley | Originally Published at The Conversation. October 24, 2014 5:49 AM | Photograph; Better hurry up if you want a place. Reuters/Adrees Latif Rookie New York mayor Bill de Blasio – poster child for America’s insurgent progressives – has promised [...]

Shame of the Nation: The Fight to Keep Children Locked Up for Life

By Heather Ann Thompson | Originally Published at Huffington Post. October 6, 2014 5:59 am EDT | Juvenile Life Without Parole Photographic Credit; American Civil Liberties Union If 11-year-old Jordan Brown had yet had the opportunity in school to learn about the United Nations, it probably wouldn't [...]

Shocking Report Explodes 5 Myths About American Education

By Les Leopold | Originally Published at AlterNet. September 30, 2014 We're number one? Hardly. A recent international report demolishes several deeply held myths about our educational system. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) report, which compares the educational systems of over 30 developed [...]

The Politics of Pre-K: How A Program Known to Help Poor Mothers Could Doom Your Candidacy

When the emphasis is kept on how it's good for business, early-childhood education is popular. Just don't call it childcare. By Rachel M. Cohen | Originally Published at The American Prospect. September 22, 2014 | (AP Photo/The Monitor, Gabe Hernandez) In Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial race, education has emerged [...]

The High Moral and Economic Cost of Child Poverty in America

Just released U.S. Census Bureau data reveal 45.3 million people were poor in America in 2013. One in three of those who are poor is a child. Children remain our poorest age group and children of color and those under five are the poorest. More [...]

An Educator’s Perspective: It’s Too Easy to Blame Parents When Kids Can’t Read

Every semester I hope things will be different. I hope that when I walk into my English-composition and writing courses, the majority of my students will, at the very least, be equipped with the basics: They’ll know how to write paragraphs, how to read critically [...]

Keeping Children Back a Year Doesn’t Help Them Read Better

Image courtesy of Tim Pierce | Creative Commons> By Paul Thomas, Ed.D., Furman University | Originally Published at the The Conversation. September 3, 2014 If you’re an eight-year-old living in Charleston, South Carolina, you’re soon going to need to study extra hard at reading. The US state [...]