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How Good Dads Can Change the World

As well as fighting for women’s equality, we should be lobbying for men to be equal partners at home. The financial and cultural benefits would change our world. Tony has been accumulating identities. He’s the son of Mexican immigrants; his father was abusive. He’s a high [...]

Is it Ray Rice or Domestic Violence, Police Brutality and The Choices Faced By Black Women?

By Tiffanie Drayton | Originally Published at The Frisky. May 26, 2015 | Photographic Credit; Ray Rice arrives with wife Janay Palmer for an appeal hearing of his suspension. New York. Associated Press Late last week, the charges against football player Ray Rice were all dropped by [...]

The Confidence Gap: Why #BlackLivesMatter In The Classroom

By Tracey M. Lewis-Giggetts | Originally Published at Vitae Chronicle. May 6, 2015 | Photographic Credit; In the classroom: James “Skip” Turner Jr. sits in class at Norview Junior High School. (Virginian-Pilot file photo) On the first day of a new semester, I often have students introduce [...]

I wish…I wish ‪#iwishmyteacherknew Me!

By Betsy L. Angert | Originally Published at EmpathyEducates. April 15, 2015 I wish…I wish ‪#iwishmyteacherknew is perhaps the most needed lesson and yet, it is the one most often repeatedly rejected. What troubles our children far more than testing or conventions are the questions, "Will I [...]

A Teachable Moment: How OU failed Transformation 101

I am a college professor. It is an essential part of my identity. Yes, I research, publish (not as much as I should), and consult but nothing gives me greater joy than my interactions with my students. Teaching, particularly the motley crew of pre-adults known [...]

The Soapbox: On the Sacrifices Expected of Immigrant Nannies

By Tiffanie Drayton | Originally Published at The Frisky. December 24, 2014 | Photographic Source; For Harriet I have a deep-seated resentment of White parents who specifically hire Black immigrant women or people of color as nannies. Whenever I go to the park or take a stroll [...]

This Country Needs a Truth and Reconciliation Process on Violence Against African Americans—Right Now

I am among the millions who have experienced the shock, grief, and fury of losing someone to racial violence. When I was 15, two close friends were killed in the Birmingham Sunday School bombing carried out by white supremacists trying to terrorize the rising civil [...]

Can White Teachers Be Taught How to Teach Our Children?

By Melinda D. Anderson| Originally Published at The Root. November 12, 2014 | Generic image ThinkStock A recent conference, whose goal is to increase the racial and cultural competency of educators, provides a basic framework for addressing racial insensitivity in the classroom. North Carolina teacher tells [...]