Mass Incarceration Since 1492: Native American Encounters With Criminal Injustice

The recent right-wing militia occupation of federal land in Oregon once again reminds us that we actually live in what historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz refers to as the US "settler colonial state." Amazingly, Ammon Bundy and his clan took over this land with the claim that [...]

When it Comes to New Orleans Schools, Who is Making the Choices?

By J Celeste Lay | Originally Published at The Conversation August 25, 2015 5.55AM EDT | Photographic Credit; The New Orleans Recovery School District got rid of its last traditional public schools in May 2014. In this photo taken, April 7, 2010, Trenise Duvernay talks with Corey [...]

Sandra Bland’s Sister Responds to Suicide Allegations

Law enforcement officials in Waller County, Texas, have concluded that the cause of Sandra Bland’s death in police custody was suicide. But Bland’s family and friends dispute claims she was suicidal, and say there is no evidence she previously tried to kill herself before her [...]

Why We Should Keep Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks Off the $20 Bill

Harriet Tubman or Rosa Parks may be the next face featured on the U.S. $20 bill—that is if WomenOn20s (W20), a grassroots organization committed to the realization of female representation on the nation’s currency, has anything to say about it. After a “robust” voting process spearheaded [...]

Charter Schools Gone Wild: Study Finds Widespread Fraud, Mismanagement and Waste

Students in a kindergarten classroom at North Valley Academy in Gooding, Idaho, wear red, white and blue shirts as part of their school uniform. The K-12 charter school is the first in Idaho to advertise itself as a patriotic choice for parents, with an emphasis on individual [...]

Jim Crow in the Classroom: New Report Finds Segregation Lives on in U.S. Schools

Originally Published at Democracy Now! April 23, 2014 As the U.S. Supreme Court upholds a ban on affirmative action in Michigan and the country marks 60 years since the landmark decision of Brown v. Board of Education, we look at how segregation is still pervasive in U.S. [...]

Black Preschoolers More Likely to Face Suspension

By Kimberly Hefling and Jesse J. Holland | Originally Published at Associated Press. Yahoo News. March 21, 2014 WASHINGTON (AP) — Black students are more likely to be suspended from U.S. public schools — even as tiny preschoolers. The racial disparities in American education, from access to [...]