Cosby’s Countersuit Against Accusers is More Evidence That He Hates Women

His legal action is an act of misogyny – perhaps the same hatred that might have driven him, as accusers allege, to rape and sexually assault more than 50 of them By Rebecca Carroll | Originally Published at The Guardian and Observer. December 15, 2015 13.45 EST [...]

An Open Letter to Our Next Governor

By Anitra Brown | Originally Published at The New Orleans Tribune. December 15, 2015 Dear Governor-Elect John Bel Edwards: On the off-chance that you were unaware, we just thought you should know that the pro-education reform forces are gearing up to influence your decisions as it relates [...]

Why Every Student Will NOT Succeed With the New Education Law

By Kevin Kumashiro | Originally Published at The Progressive. December 14, 2015 | Photographic Credit; Classroom education Photo by woodleywonderworks Last week, after a seven-year delay, Congress overwhelmingly voted, and the president signed, to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, dubbed No Child Left Behind in [...]

We’ve Turned Our Back on a Proven Method to Curtail Gun Violence

Despite proven success, Project Ceasefire, first trialled in 1996, has been continually cut back, even as gun homicides keep rising By Bobby Constantino | Originally Published at The Guardian and Observer. Monday 14 December 2015 06.30 EST Last modified on Tuesday 15 December 2015 11.28 EST [...]

It’s Messed Up for Democrats to Use the No Fly List to Push For Gun Laws

And Republicans pushing back by citing due process after years trying to squelch it is no less hypocritical By Trevor Timm | Originally Published at The Guardian and Observer. December 5, 2015 05.00 EST | Photographic Credit; Let’s not pretend Republicans suddenly care about the due [...]

Go Ahead, Pass Every Student Succeeds Act, But Don’t Celebrate It

By Jeff Bryant | Originally Published at Education Opportunity Network. December 2, 2015 3:35 PM | In the era of "School Choice" do we ever wonder what might have been if Thomas Jefferson had been successful in placing open-enrollment, free public education in the United States Constitution? [...]

2.7 Million Kids Have Parents in Prison. They’re Losing Their Right to Visit

My small feet thump the concrete as I hurry toward the door. My four older brothers trail closely behind. Upon entering, we disappear into the apartment and excitedly explore every corner. We peek out the window at our new playmates. By morning, the scent of [...]

Rahm Emanuel Urged Calm with No Offer To Fix Chicago’s Underlying Problems

By Mikki Kendall | Originally Published at The Guardian and Observer. November 25, 2015 The mayor said he didn’t see the Laquan McDonald shooting video before its public release, but that doesn’t absolve him from leadership on this – or anything else Chicago Mayor: ‘I understand [...]