Infographic: Alternatives to School Closures


Public schools are the heart of every community, a place where the next generation of doctors, engineers, writers and artists learn and grow. They are where parents, teachers and community members come together to support their children and invest in their futures. When schools struggle, it is [...]

A Grandmother’s Plea For Justice – Education is a Human


Photograph; Irene Robinson (left) waits with granddaughter Akilra Roberts for the bus. Because the bus only runs at the beginning and end of the regular school day, Akilra has trouble getting home from after-school activities. (Armando L. Sanchez / Hechinger Report) Perhaps you have met Irene Robinson [...]

Take Action – Share New Infographic: The Cycle of School Closures


Mass school closures have become a popular, "quick fix" for policymakers trying to address struggling schools and budget crises – despite the lack of evidence that closures save money or even improve opportunities for students. Instead, school closures are both a symptom and a cause of perpetuated [...]

Lessons From the 1963 Boycott


'63 Boycott - Today is Freedom Day LESSONS FROM THE 1963 BOYCOTT The Struggle for Quality Education in Chicago Then and Now On October 22, 1963, more than 200,000 Chicago Public Schools students boycotted school to protest segregation and inequality, in one of the largest civil [...]

Journey For Justice Resources – The Principles and Plan That Unite Us!


Journey for Justice Alliance Resources – Our Children Are Not Collateral Damage Click to download the guide! Click to download the guide! Click to download the guide! Click to download the guide! Click [...]

Videos:’63 Boycott of Chicago Public Schools Alive in 2013


We are all on a journey of sorts. Most experience that life is full of injustices. We each have a dream of equality, but few imagine that they will get there. Alone we try. However, our efforts never seem to be enough. Thus, we look to history [...]

Journey for Justice: “Our Children are Not Collateral Damage!” [Video]


Journey for Justice 2: Our Children are not Collateral Damage! from Rachel Dickson on Vimeo. Journey for Justice: "Our Children are Not Collateral Damage!" Video" On January 29th 2013, the Department of Education, Civil Rights Division held a Hearing on School Closures, Turnarounds, Phase-Outs and Co-Locations. [...]

Why We Fight for Better Schools [Chicago]


Download School Closures: Facts and Statistics Download Strong Schools, Strong Neighborhoods. Uniting to Protect Public School Children Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett and the mayor's hand-picked Chicago Board of Education have their sights set on closing 54 public schools this year, giving [...]