I Don’t Act Like An ‘Angry Black Woman’ – But I’m Read That Way If I Broach Race


“Why are you so angry?” my mother asked me during her recent visit to Brooklyn. It’s the first time my mother has ever asked me that question, and I know that she is lovingly unaware of its ramifications as a nocuous cliche, despite its power as [...]

White On Paper


In June, Rachel Dolezal, an activist and former president of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, was outed by her parents as being a white woman. She later left the organization. And just yesterday, Shaun King, an activist affiliated with the Black [...]

A Light-Skinned Latina Like Me Will Never Be Able to Live in The Land Of Whiteness


I’ve been told that I’m the ‘good’ kind of Latino because of my skin color What exactly does being a light-skinned Latina mean for me? It means that all at once, I am just dark enough, too dark or not dark enough at all. It [...]

“I’m Now As Poor as I was Before” — Prison-Created Poverty


No one likes to talk about the fact that “doing time” leaves the majority of returning citizens worse off than before they were incarcerated. Prior to my imprisonment, I had a very successful consulting business and I lived a solidly middle-class life. I worked hard, I [...]