Journey For Justice Resources – The Principles and Plan That Unite Us!

Journey For Justice Resources – The Principles and Plan That Unite Us!2016-11-29T17:39:34-05:00

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Journey For Justice Resources

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Remember the days when school closures, turnarounds, phase-outs and co-locations were the only options for School Improvement Grants.
That was before the Journey For Justice Alliance held a community hearing at the Department if Education and demanded that their proposal for Sustainable School Transformation be added as the fifth option for struggling.
Through consistent pressure from organized parents, students and community school advocates, we are pleased to announce 'Victory!'
Now, the Sustainable School Community Transformation Plan is the fifth option in the federal SIG program.
There is more to do. Let's Organize!!!

Please Review the 'Principles That Unite Us,' 'The Sustainable School Transformation' and 'The Grassroots voices Listening Project.' Join Us! Be Involved Together, we can transform education in ways that serve us all!
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