Education Organizations

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Education Organizations

Authentic Education advocates are organized and on the move. EmpathyEducates offers a collection of coalitions that we think fine. Please peruse, participate in any if you choose, or merely consider the possibilities as alliances have and do.
  • Students, Teachers, Parents, The People are passionate about improving our nation’s education.
  • The Public is dedicated to raising awareness about current issues in education law, policy, and practices.
  • Education Organizations seeks to encourage greater understanding and participation.
  • The people organize and participate in democracy<; that is authentic education!/li>
If you know of an organization that you think powerful and profound, one that is currently not included in our anthology, please share. Send the link and your thoughts to us in an e-mail We always love to learn, grow, and glow greater with you.


Coalitions. Alliances. Advocates for Authentic Education

Defend Education as a Human Right
Defend Education as a Human RightWork to support and nurture the rights and needs of the young and old. Ensure that all have equal opportunities to learn, glow, and grow.
“From the depth of need and despair, people can work together, can organize themselves to solve their own problems and fill their own needs with dignity and strength.
~ Caesar Chavez.

Education is an inalienable human right!

Will never be divided. Together we can and will ensure that [formal and informal] education is enacted upon as a human right! We are committed to the children. Their cause is our own. Our shared future is founded in the past, the present, and what we actively choose to do going forward.
  • We are fully responsive to the needs of our young and old.
  • Awesome societies never lose sight of the Seventh Generation.
  • Amazing children grow into astounding adults; with a little help from us all.
Change comes when we work together. Coalition of Essential Schools, Empowered By Play, Defending the Early Years, Uniting 4 Kids, Change the Stakes, Journey for Justice 2, the Chicago Teachers Union and we are among the many who understand participatory democracy is essential. “Union is strength,” as is articulated in Aesop’s Bundle of Sticks. Organize and express your vigor.
We sing, Education is a Human Right! Hum along or say it loud. Let us shake the roofs and raise consciousness. All men, women, and children are created equal. We are more powerful when we work as one.
We are committed to the cause, to honor the differences, enjoy the similarities, and to find oneness with all. Empathy Educates.
We work to ensure that all are served. The commonweal connects us to our selves and each other. The Constitution is our call; “Education is a Human Right.” “Empathy Educates!”

Alliances Advocate…
We stand strong for Education as a Human Right We Organize. Strategize and Act.

United! We can never be divided.Stand!. As One! Join together and grow love and strength!!