Border Crossers

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Project Description


Our Name is inspired by the Critical Multiculturalist Henry Giroux, who said, “Schools (should) become places where students and teachers can become border crossers engaged in critical and ethical reflection about what it means to bring a wider variety of cultures into dialogue with each other.”

Border Crossers’ mission is to equip New York City’s elementary school teachers to be leaders of racial justice in their schools and communities. In order to be effective educators, teachers need tools for understanding the role of race and racism in schools and entering into meaningful conversations about diversity and equity with students from a young age. We believe that training and supporting teachers in racial justice work is a critical step in creating culturally-responsive, equitable learning environments that will better serve NYC’s diverse student population….

[Border Crossers’] Talking About Race equips and empowers teachers to engage in meaningful discussions about diversity and multiculturalism with their students.

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