Engagement through Action

Engagement through Action2016-11-29T17:36:49-05:00

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Is Action!

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It begins with...

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the question is...

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be engaged!

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Never Forget...

the future

depends on your being engaged.

Engagement is Action

To Engage is to take action! That is what we do! We immerse ourselves in civic engagement. We advocate for policies that nurture the commonweal. Education, the environment, ethics, the economy, and energy – each is of interest to us. Jobs, freedom, peace and justice too are tangibles in our view. Empathy Educates is actively engaged in all that establishes and ensures that formal and informal Education is a Human Right!

Introspection is grand and actually essential for greater growth. Outrospection, on the other hand, expands us. Therefore, we exchange, engage, are respectful of and sensitive to all others. We recognize that none of us is here alone; no one of us can change the world for the better unless and until we understand the other. We believe that “Empathy is the best Educator.” Let us exchange and be engaged!.

  • Engage and Exchange.
  • Listen. Learn.
  • Speak. Act.
  • Attend Conferences, Civic Events, Classes.
  • Chat With Strangers Wherever You Go
  • Share Your Experiences
  • Vote! Register More.
  • Be Involved.
  • Volunteer!


Why Engage?

To Think is To Learn
To Think is To LearnEngage. Exchange. Expand Through Action.
No one exists in a vacuum; nor to we learn without a person, place, or prospect that causes us to wonder. We are engaged when we are occupied with another person or an activity. Commitment to a cause also engages us. When we are immersed in what serves others, the devotion is deepest. We cannot deny the connection interaction brings. It is the ultimate in involvement. Let us pledge to be engaged in life, learning, and growing the greater good

Engaged in Action

When we acknowledge that alone we are but one, we understand the power of unity. The people united a mass. We are a throng that thrives. Consider the analogy. Think of a stick. By itself it is but a brittle twig. Lash it with a bundle of switches and you have what might serve as a branch. In other words, when we work together we build. We build better communities for one and all.
  • Join.
  • Unite.
  • Connect.
It is vital to consider that emotions evoke feelings. Feelings are fine, but often imperfect. Without a breadth and depth of information we may fear, or feel pain that cannot be explained. Love too can be limited and lead us to react. However, there is hope.[ We can listen, learn, glow and grow, then act with an abundance of knowledge. Let us do that!
Authentic Actions are borne out of engagement. We watch. Then move. We look. Then leap. We ask and answers come. With greater knowledge we understand the meaning and mission behind our actions. Ask and you shall find to do other than sit idly by.
Energized and enthusiastic, equipped with a bundle of knowledge do all you can to serve the greater good. Act. Be Engaged and Engaging! !

What we say, do and act on…
Our Beliefs Education as a Human Right Engagement Builds a Better World.

Be Involved. Take Action. Exchange.. Engage. United We Grow! through learning and love!