• With love we labor

    ...family, friends, familiars together

  • vitality and viability of all

    ..young, old, and all in between

  • Labors of love

    ...are done in service.

  • evolve

    ...to meet today’s challenges

  • respect and dignity

    ...regardless of race, color, or creed, or identity

  • eliminate biases

    ...see, hear, feel, be empathetically

  • reflect empathy

    ...be kind. every one you meet is fighting a harder battle ~ Plato

  • serve as solutionaries

    ...you, me, and we

EmpathyEducates Mission

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Empathy Educates Mission

We act for equal and equitable [formal and informal] education as an inalienable human and civil right.

Empathy Educates. Visionary Philosophies and Principles

  • EmpathyEducates is a voice of, by, and for the vitality and viability of all – young and old.
  • We work to ensure that all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, regardless of race, color, or creed, or identity
  • With love we labor to eliminate racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, religious, and socioeconomic biases.
  • Our actions reflect empathy for physical and/or mental challenges.
  • To serve as solutionaries is our vocation.
  • EmpathyEducates continues to evolve, to meet today’s challenges.

We Love To Work, Where We Work, and What We Do

We work where we are, where you are. We work locally, nationally, with an eye toward global harmony. Our mission may best explain our vision.

EmpathyEducates works for you and yours, his and hers. We understand that together we are stronger; united we are one. Our endeavors honor the greater good. Labors of love are done in service. We work to support you, one and all.

Our Location

A Beautiful Main Street in a City Near You
12345 Main Street,
Web: empathyeducates.org

Ways We Express the EmpathyEducates Mission and Vision

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