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Welcome To EmpathyEducates

EmpathyEducates is a caring community. Here we communicate fully and frequently. We offer a place to ponder, to peruse, to pursue, to gather, and to glean all that may be interesting, invigorating, intriguing, inspirational, and instructive. Together we learn and grow constantly. Reflection and Outrospection are our way. Pupils, parents, administrators, and the public, people from every walk of life teach us. Together we build a world of cooperation through this collaboration. We welcome one and all to energize empathy.

Please Join Us as we actively engage in the truest education conversation; learning is a basic and inalienable human and civil right! We welcome you to the experience of EmpathyEducates.

Who Is EmpathyEducates?

The Empathy Educates Mission…
We act and advocate for equal and equitable [formal and informal] education as an inalienable human and civil right.
The EmpathyEducates Visionary Philosophies and Principles are…

EmpathyEducates is a voice for the vitality and viability of our youth.
EmpathyEducates works for a society where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.

We continue to evolve, to meet today’s challenges, to eliminate racism, ethnic stereotypes, gender identity biases, and prejudicial intolerances in respect to sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, physical and/or mental challenges.

EmpathyEducates actions and advocacy reflect our mission and values. We promote solutions to improve the lives of our children, youth, adults, and our communities.

“When you are face to face with a difficulty, you are up against a discovery.”
~ Lord Kelvin (William Thomson)[June 26, 1824 to Dec 17, 1907 Mathematical Physicist, Engineer]

In these times, receiving or providing a quality education is often thought of as tough. Change might be a challenge; however, we realize that it is vital and always a constant. We chose to consciously do what we can to bring about a healthy, humane, equitable and shared evolution. We will work to be a thoughtful and principled guide.

We invite discovery, and a world of cooperation through this collaboration. We talk with more than our friends, family and familiars, not to, or at. We ask all to speak with others, all others. Listen and reflect. We work to energize empathy, expand the conversation and enlarge every effort. We teach by reaching in and outside ourselves.

We will act and actively engage in the truest education conversation; learning is a basic human and civil right! No one[s] has the “right” to deny a child or adult what is inalienable.

Together we join you in offering a more expansive forum.

We are one, more together. All are welcome to explore the world of education in manners that they may not have considered in the past.

Here, on Empathy Educates, we discuss pedagogical trends. We create our own philosophies. We, embrace curiosity, exploration, creativity, critical thought, and caring communications.”

We understand that change comes from within. Evolution is borne out of errors and reflection. So please be patient with other people.
Be Kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.
~ Plato

What We Do

Cognize. Analyze. Recognize. 111
Visualize. Verbalize. 111
Strategize. Organize and Mobilize. 111
Actualize. 111

EmpathyEducates Advocates.

Bob George
Bob GeorgePartner. CoEditor
Bob, a lifelong Educator is also an Entrepreneur. Indeed, in each profession he is a gardener. Bob’s lifetime mission and vision is to nurture, nourish, and grow the greater good. Bob serves as the National Director for Save Our Schools, an active member of the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization, and the Journey For Justice 2 Alliance.
Betsy L. Angert
Betsy L. AngertAuthor. Educator
Betsy L. Angert began her “career” in a classroom at the age of one and one half and in many ways she never left. She sees her present-day life as an Educator and Author as an extension of her career as a student. In each Betsy gains greater knowledge, shares the wisdom, and in doing so she learns anew from those she meets.

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