Glorious Galleries...


from the time you crawl


show and tell your story

listen..and re-engage!


A studio, a loft, an exhibition hall or a museum, any might be a gallery to see. At times a shop display too can be an exhibition of sorts. After all, these too offer wares worthy of praise, preservation, protection, and appreciation. Pontification? Absolutely. People will profess that they know what the Artist intends.

Performance. Installation. Fine Arts and Illustration. Song. Dance. Photography and Film. All grace our walls and are seen in EmpathyEducates gallery halls. Please stroll with us as we venture forth, through sheets of Music, shelves of books, stacks of comics, and showcases, in our museum. We understand what is inevitably true; beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We invite your thoughts; these touch our hearts and stimulate the brain. But please, as Plato says, Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle. Artists too! Their work is their intellectual and creative treasure. See. Feel. And savor their selections virtually. Always remember the work is theirs.
  • To look and listen is to learn.
  • To hear, see, and feel with your heart is to study.
  • Explore and discover.
  • To glow during the encounter is to grow.
  • To grow from the experience is to glow.
  • Bring a friend, and/or Find yourself while lost in the Arts.