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Devin Allen is a 26-year-old 'self-taught' photographer who for all of his life has honed his skills. He has looked through the lens of his life and seen the world with the eyes of a young Black man, a Baltimore Black man. Baltimore is a unique city, as all our communities are. But Baltimore is different. For poor kids, according to a WAVE study, Baltimore youth have it worse than those living in Nigeria.

Devin says, ''Baltimore is my home. I was born and raised here and all my loved ones are here…My pictures and true feelings, are, just as the city. They are real. Baltimore is a beautiful place. 'It’s like a rose in concrete to me, but most people don’t see it like I see it. I was born and raised here, so I see the negative. I see the positive. I see the good and the bad. I’ve been on both sides of the fence – both the good side and the bad side. So that’s what it is for me – it’s a beautiful place, and it’s real.' People may focus on the current unrest, but I see peace. It is always present amidst the distress.

Baltimore Unites

& The Struggle Continues :::: #ripfreddiegray #blacklivesmatter #Baltimore ::: #DVNLLN

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We are United :::: #ripfreddiegray #blacklivesmatter #Baltimore ::: #DVNLLN

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Compassion Exists even within the Chaos

The Community Comes Together. People Cook, Clean, and Decide How Best to Heal. This is the Mission

Ran into my big cousin she is out here helping cleaning up the streets :::: Proud of you :::: #ripfreddygray #BALTIMORE ::: #DVNLLN

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Pray with us | Pray for us :::: #baltimore #ripfreddiegray ::: #DVNLLN

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Devin Allen is a Photographer, a Baltimore resident. He is KnownNobody ◼️◾️▪️ :: The Beauty of Realism & Pragmatism :: All photo’s created by: #DVNLLN please respect my art ::::

This series of images, along with the information is presented by EmpathyEducates. We thank Photographer and portfolio Creator, Devin Allen. We are more than honored and feel privileged to share such a powerful gallery of work. We are grateful for Devin Allen’s enduring spirit and vital perspective.