How To Win the War on Sexual Assault

How To Win the War on Sexual Assault2016-11-29T17:39:13-05:00

Project Description

How To Win the War on Sexual Assault.
A comic dedicated to Sexual Assault Awareness Month #SAAM

By The Walnut Bowl | Originally Published at Medium. Human Parts. April 3, 2015

Despite sexual assault being a crime

Advertisements. Sexual Assault

Looking Fine? Sexualt Assault.

Portrayal. Sexual Assault..

No means yes? Sexual Assault

Culture. Sexual Assault

Victims. Sexual Assault.

Comparison. Sexual Assault

Messages. Sexual Assault.

Anyone. Sexual Assault.

Anyone. Sexual Assault.

Created. Sexual Assault.

Media. Sexual Assault.

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This piece was reprinted by EmpathyEducates with permission or license. We thank the Illustrator, Cartoonist Walnut Bowl. We are grateful for his kindness and for Walnut Bowl’s invitation to speak the many ways in which we sustain the likelihood of sexual assault.