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again and again

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and Remember.


How many of us, throughout our lives, or on occasion have kept a personal diary, a journal, or a chronicle of sorts. Perhaps, our professional status necessitates a living record of what we think, say, do or did. Certainly historians can and will tell our tale, even if only anecdotally. Friends and family might do a better job. Surely, societal and private filters change perceptions. That said, biographical data does not replace a first-hand accounting.

Walk with us as we open our doors. Turn the keys. How did each of us come to be? Who are we and why?

  • Read our stories.
  • Share your own.
  • It is never too late to learn from our past, to better understand the present, and to build the finest of futures.

Of Love and Blood: For People Who Like To Watch Child Abuse Porn on Social Media

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Food and housing insecurity do not disappear from people’s lives when they go to college. There is this damaging misconception that once you get to college – once you’re on an upwardly mobile, higher-education track – you magically have the same resources and opportunities as everyone [...]


dear (future) school official: my son will be absent

By Tiffany Rose Smith | Originally Published at Rose With Words. October 27, 2015 dear (future) school official: my son will be absent because in our house we teach him to respect others, but also stand up for himself and those in need. we do not want [...]