The Grand Jury Process—The Judicial Explicitness of Implicit Bias


Less than two seconds. Let that sink in. It took less than two seconds to make, What a Grand Jury rules is a legally reasonable decision. The patrol car was still rolling onto the scene. And yet, the Officer, Timothy Loehmann, pleads, He shouted four [...]

Black Mothers


Black Mothers remember you are warriors the root of African Nations courageous resilient resolute you hold truth on your side you are light in the devastation makers of ways when there are none your existence is revolutionary their institutions will try and convince you to chew [...]

Aja Monet’s #SayHerName Poem Asks All to Remember


Piercing through the silence a strong and ardent voice emerges. The Poet, Aja Monet is heard to say, “Melissa Williams, Darnisha Harris, Michelle Cassell.” These are the names of many of the girls and women who were injured or killed by police. Sadly, too few have heard [...]

National Poetry Month 2015: “A poem should not mean/But be”


By Paul L. Thomas, Ed.D. | Originally Published at The Becoming Radical. April 1, 2015 Spring semester 1980, I was a first-year student at Spartanburg Methodist College and the class was Public Speaking 101, taught by Steve Brannon. At that point in my redneck life, I was [...]