The Grand Jury Process—The Judicial Explicitness of Implicit Bias


Less than two seconds. Let that sink in. It took less than two seconds to make, What a Grand Jury rules is a legally reasonable decision. The patrol car was still rolling onto the scene. And yet, the Officer, Timothy Loehmann, pleads, He shouted four [...]

Bryan Stevenson on Charleston and Our Real Problem with Race


Bryan Stevenson has spent most of his career challenging bias against minorities and the poor in the criminal justice system. He is the founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, based in Montgomery, Ala., an advocacy group that opposes mass incarceration and racial injustice. [...]

40 Acres and a Mule Would Be at Least $6.4 Trillion Today—What the U.S. Really Owes Black America


[/fusion_builder_column_inner] [/fusion_builder_row_inner] Tracy Loeffelholz Dunn is editorial director of YES! Jeff Neumann and Tracy Loeffelholz Dunn designed this infographic for Make It Right, the Summer 2015 issue of YES. This piece was reprinted by EmpathyEducates with permission or license. We thank Jeff Neumann, Tracy [...]

How Segregation Plays Out In America Today, as told through #MichaelBrown’s School District in St. Louis County


ON AUGUST 1, FIVE BLACK STUDENTS in satiny green and red robes and mortar boards waited inside an elementary school classroom, listening for their names to be called as graduates of Normandy High School. The ceremony was held months after the school’s main graduation for students who [...]

Public Housing and Education: Government-Sponsored Segregation


When the early New Deal first constructed public housing in New York City and elsewhere, projects for blacks were built in existing ghettos or undeveloped areas where planners wanted to shift existing black neighborhoods. [1] But projects for whites were built in existing white [...]

A Unified Statement of Action to Promote Reform and Stop Police Abuse


As national civil and human rights organizations and leaders committed to the protection of the rights of African Americans and all Americans, we come together as a unified collective to urgently impress upon elected officials, law enforcement, the legal profession, businesses and all those in [...]