Journey for Justice

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The Journey for Justice!
Education is a Human and Civil Right!
The History and Mystery are revealed through Research, Reports, References, and Responses.

The Journey to bring Justice to Education, to our Communities, and to the Nation began long ago. For centuries we traveled the trail to equality. Progress has been slow. There were gains (Brown versus Board of Education, the Voting Rights Act, Affirmative Action Legislation.) Sadly more recently, there were losses (Parents Involved in Community Schools versus Seattle School District and Shelby County, Alabama versus Holder...In cities throughout the nation the people have been denied the right to elect a School Boards.) Still the struggle does not wane. We are one, strong and dedicated. People from every generation are Reclaiming the Promise of Public Education. As of January 2014, The Journey for Justice Alliance is at work in 22 cities. What we do matters. We can and do create change. Please join us.

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We, the people, wish to right a wrong. Our Neighborhood High School [...]

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