A Candlelight Vigil in the #FightForDyett — Day 16 [Videos]

A Candlelight Vigil in the #FightForDyett — Day 16 [Videos]2017-02-14T14:42:39-05:00

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Why should a grandmother of five, like Mrs. Irene Robinson, have to die for her grandchildren to be able to go to a high school in their own neighborhood? Why do African American parents have to put their lives on the line to have their voices heard?
The Answers — #BlackLivesMatter A Candlelight Vigil in the #FightForDyett #WeAreDyett Day 16

It has been a long and arduous journey, this Journey for Justice. It began in 1999. It is no wonder that the hunger strikers today are tired. Not only is there the physical strain of going without food, the emotional drain of fighting to keep “our schools” open is — motivating! It is surprising that only three of the twelve strikers have fainted. The three were hospitalized. Yet, each, Jeanette Taylor Ramann, Anna Jones, and Irene Robinson proclaim, if I am hungry, it is for Dyett. The adoption of the Dyett Global Leadership and Green Technology Revitalization proposal will sustain.

The other hunger strikers feel the same. While being closely monitored, each would say, as Jitu Brown did, “We’ve been pushed to the point of putting our bodies on the line to say enough is enough.” Medical professionals have urged the Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, to refrain from his decision to close the last reaming open-enrollment public High School in the historic Black community of Bronzeville. But he has staked out his claim.

The Mayor was also quick to blame He said there are 10 high schools within a three-mile radius of Dyett. — “Within about a mile of the school is King College Prep. So there’s a lot of high schools in that area.” But as the hunger strikers know all too well, the other High Schools are not open-enrollment public High Schools. If a child is “gifted” or scores well on entrance exams then maybe, he and she will be selected. But there are no guarantees. All too often in these “Academies” education is far from free.

It is day 16 and the strikers continue to question whether this is democracy. What they are certain of is their children are in need. “This is human rights issue.” Can you imagine the phone calls these parents receive telling them to stop? Jitu Brown, a striker himself, in speaking to a throng of #WeAreDyett supporters, at a candlelight vigil, “We couldn’t keep them off the hunger strike.”

When Jeanette Taylor Ramann fainted moments after delivering a powerful testimony to the Chicago Public Schools Board, the officials tried to have her pushed out into the hallway. They did not want their inhumanity on display. “When sister Irene was hospitalized every doctor told her to stop.” For Irene Robinson and her fellow hunger strikers This is a human rights issue.” There is nothing more evil than to look at a child and set that child’s education up to fail! This is worse than just the big banks and greedy people “feeding” on our children like sharks. because there is so much profit in the “education business.” It is killing us!

Look at our sister Anna Jones. This sister was also hospitalized Jitu Brown had his own medical exchange. These are dedicated, quality people! Renewed and humbled #WeAreDyett remains without restraint. If you support equal education please say it again, This is a human rights issue!

What are human rights?

Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever our nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status. We are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination.

Everyone has the right to education—which should be available free to all…Education is indispensable in realizing other human rights.
~ Amnesty International

Education is a fundamental human right and essential for the exercise of all other human rights.
~ The United Nations Organization for Education,

The Fight to Be Walter H. Dyett Global Leadership and Green Technology High School


#WeAreDyett #FightForDyett Supporters

UPDATES 1. Pressure is building…Excellent press conference in front of the U.S. Department of Education in Washington DC today. Sister April Stogner and myself, along with the president of the National Education Alliance

[NEA] and American Federated Teachers Association [AFT], Dr. John Jackson from the Schott Foundation, Maria Fernandez from Journey For Justice [J4J], Jonathan Stith from The Alliance for Educational Justice [AEJ] and Judith Brown-Dianis from the Advancement Project all supported the hunger strikers.

2. We met with Arne Duncan and white house staff to raise the issue of federal intervention. We will see.

3. Today, seniors held a press conference at city hall in support of the hunger strikers. Thank you!

4. Mayor’s office has not responded with any updates as promised, so tonight at South Shore Cultural Center, Chicago SHUT IT DOWN! The mayor was whisked away by his security and once again, the people have spoken. The pressure mounts…”]‪#‎fightfordyett

~ Brotha Jitu