To My Unborn Son

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To The Parents Of Michael Brown, Jr.,
As we try to find words to comfort you during this time, we know that, unfortunately, nothing we say can speak perfectly to how you must feel. Nonetheless, we want to express our deepest sympathies for the loss of your son. Over the course of several months, the world has watched the story of your son's death unfold for all to see. Throughout this time, the two of you have stood tall as you carried the burden of both losing your son and watching the world cast judgments upon his character--often times untrue. When we think about what it means to be Black men in America,
We realize that we are all Michael, We are all sons, and although our stories may differ, we know the fate of your son could also be the fate of any of us. We cannot say that we understand what it must feel like to lose a son--to no longer be able to embrace him, love him, care for him, and to hear his voice. However, we hope that you can find some solace in our voices as we share with you messages to our unborn sons.
The Yale College Black Men's Union

If you have a message you want to add to the campaign, please contact yaleblackmensunion@gmail.comor @bmuatyale | Originally Published at To My Unborn Son.


_________ 3RD DEC 2014 | 65,481 NOTES _________

The world is not yet ready for you

You will be born with two strikes already

If you wish to survive you must be beyond reproach.

In America the only part of you that people see..

The world will not always see you for who you trul are

The opinions of others…

Don't them tell you who you are, but be aware of how thet see you.

People will see the color of your skin before…

Don't let them define you.

Know you are worth more than…

_________ 3RD DEC 2014 | 5,013 NOTES _________

Your skin is not a deth sentence

I promise that your Blackness is a gift

Your shade is no indication of your history

You are not the problem

_________ 3RD DEC 2014 | 243 NOTES _________

Walk through that door

Any hate aimed at you

The unity that upholds

I hope you can bask

_________ 3RD DEC 2014 | 829 NOTES _________

When it feels like the rest of the world

Know thyself

You are not just a Black male

Your worth runs deeper than your skin.

Forget the oppression

Embrace your identity

In this world…

_________ 3RD DEC 2014 | 142 NOTES _________

Ignore the negative

Follow your dream

_________ 3RD DEC 2014 | 167 NOTES _________

You can do science and math.

You is kind. You is smart

Stand up

_________ 3RD DEC 2014 | _________

The world will not claim you

The world and everything in it is yours

Don't let your color be a hindrance

A wise man..

_________ 3RD DEC 2014 | 174 NOTES _________

You are more than athletically gifted

You are more than statistics

Forgive their weakness so you may be strong

I hope the system you live under

_________ 3RD DEC 2014 | 125 NOTES _________

I hope you grow up in a world

I hope you inherit an America

I pray justice for all

_________ 3RD DEC 2014 | 108 NOTES _________

I hope you grow up in an America…

I pray you feel that

I hope you reap the fruits of a colorblind judical system

_________ 3RD DEC 2014 | 347 NOTES _________

Don't let our history

I hope you will never let the cruelties

_________ 3RD DEC 2014 | 96 NOTES _________

We will fight the system…

I fight this system for you..

Fight the Power

To ensure your voice is heard

I already love you. They…

You will endure

_________ 3RD DEC 2014 | 83 NOTES _________

With Jesus Christ there will always be hop

For I know the plans…

_________ 3RD DEC 2014 | 88 NOTES _________

Be proud of who you are

In a world that wants you on your knees

_________ 3RD DEC 2014 | 184 NOTES _________

I hope the doubts of others don't…

You Are the Son of Kings and Queens

I love you

This piece was reprinted by EmpathyEducates with permission or license. We thank the Photographer, Eno Inyangete, The Yale College Black Men’s Union, and each individual who expressed their will. We are grateful for the kindness and for the heartfelt verbalizations — the art, the beauty, and the visual enunciations.