After Grand Jury Verdict and Beyond Today Let’s Take Action

After Grand Jury Verdict and Beyond Today Let’s Take Action2016-11-29T17:39:19-05:00

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The Grand Jury Verdict Is In: Let's Take Action for Ferguson – For America — For Justice!

ActionBeyondToday. Beginning November 25, 2014

Hey Friends of Ferguson,

Last night, the world learned the grand jury’s unfortunated decision regarding the indictment of Officer Darren Wilson who shot and killed young Michael Brown.

The world exploded, especially in our communities of Ferguson, St. Louis (Shaw/Tower Grove), and Clayton. Members of our team were there throughout the night– chanting, supporting, marching, and more. Even our leaders were teargassed while helping others in a community safe space. Yet, as the world continues to turn today, and we embrace this new opportunity to stand up and fight for justice, we DO NOT WAVER in our commitment. Indeed, last night’s news and happenings–the bad and the good–have set our fire even more ablaze.

So, as we communicate next steps, actions, and more to you over the months that lie ahead, we ask and challenge you to give it your all. Stay with us in solidarity. Join our team and stand with us on-the-ground and behind the scenes. Share and join people-led action efforts. Connect with people in this movement. Donate time, skills, and resources with our team as we accept the charge to help our region connect for progressive and restorative action beyond today. We will need this of you and more.

We can’t promise that we will have minute-to-minute updates and tweets like our friends at Ferguson October (FOLLOW THEM AND GET ON THE TEXT ALERTS), but we can promise to help you ground your commitment in this movement.

For any questions, comments, updates, and ideas, connect with us via email at actionbeyondtoday@gmail.com. Connect with me specifically on-the-go via Twitter (de_nichols).

Committed beyond today,

Take These Actions Now
#ShutItDown: Enforce Economic Boycotts Nationwide

In the aftermath of the grand jury's decision, we embark upon one of the most successful weekend's for retailers and corporations: Black Friday. This is also an opportunity to exert true economic shift to highlight the imbalance of wealth in America.

One action you can take: DO NOT shop at corporate stores during Black Friday weekend. If you must buy goods and gifts, shop from local vendors, individual's online stores, and/or communities of color. Then, tweet/IG/FB to tell the world how you #shutitdown.

Read the Grand Jury’s Evidence

St. Louis Public Radio has collected all of the evidence that the grand jury used in their decision-making. Read it, share it, and know more inside knowledge. (Link)

Stay Prepared: Post-Verdict Resources

***If you will be active on-the-ground, always write the jail support number (314-862-2249) on your body.

Join the national responses: Connect with the Ferguson National Response Network

Not in St. Louis and Ferguson? This is a resource for you to sustain national action efforts. Cities in the BeyondToday network include:

Los Angeles

See more Indictment and Grand Jury Related Actions

Let's Take Action for Ferguson