Raynard Sanders, Ed.D.

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Raynard Sanders

Raynard Sanders, Ed.D.

Raynard Sanders, Ed.D has over thirty years of experience in teaching, educational administration, and economic and community development. As a principal of a New Orleans high school, he developed the first high school DNA lab in the state of Louisiana and created the Creole Cottage Project, an innovative program for his students to build and renovate houses in the school’s community.

Dr. Sanders also served as the Executive Director of The National Faculty at New Orleans, a professional development agency designed to improve the quality of teaching in poor performing schools throughout the Mississippi Delta. He also served as the Director of the Urban Education Graduate Program at Southern University at New Orleans.

Dr. Sander’s most recent activities have been around the equity and access, where he has written numerous articles on the challenges facing public school student in New Orleans which has the largest percentage of charter schools than any city in the country. He is a contributor to Research on Reforms, , an educational research group and The New Orleans Education Equity Roundtable a collaborative of organizations who advocates educational equity. He has also appeared as a featured speaker on Racial Justice in the New America.

Dr. Sanders also hosts, The New Orleans Imperative, the only weekly radio show that focuses on public education in New Orleans. His radio program has been critical in eliminating the information void regarding the privatization of public education post Hurricane Katrina.

Dr. Sanders received his B.A. from Dillard University in New Orleans, an M. Ed. from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and his Doctorate of Education from Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City.