Research Reforms

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Project Description


Research on Reforms was developed because of the urgency to collect data and analyze the findings to determine if the educational reforms of 2005 were working.

The 2005 Louisiana Legislature enacted laws that allowed experimentation in the public schools, and recognized that experimenting with the lives of children and youth must only be allowed if the “experiment results are analyzed, with the positive results repeated or replicated, and the negative results identified and eliminated.”

It has been several years now and the mandate, of researching the positives and negatives of this extensive educational experiment, has not been realized. If it were important for this state to research how the opening of the Bonnet Carré Spillway affected the Lake Pontchartrain waters, how can we not deem it even vastly more important to research the effects of these school experiments on the lives of our children and youth? It is to this end that this work is dedicated, and it is for this purpose that the Center for Action Research on New Orleans School Reforms a/k/a RESEARCH ON REFORMS was created