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Adourthus Mc Dowell is, at present, a Local School Council Facilitator and Community Organizer with an expertise in Nonprofit Organization Management. He has over 8 years of experience in the combined areas of Infant, Child, Adolescent, Pre- Natal, Male and Female Case Management, and Program Compliance Assessment. In the areas of child and adolescent mental health Adourthus worked with the Community Counseling Centers of Chicago, and the Urban Systems of Care Project. Adolescent and Men's Health, education, and employment services with Marcy Newberry Association, and the Near North Health Service Corporation. With the Near North Health Services Corporation also a member of the Joint Accreditation Commission of Healthcare Organizations [JACHO]. Over eight years of education Training/Community Organizing, and Employment and Training with the Kenwood - Oakland Community Organization. Special populations service with the Salvation Army. As of August 30th, 2015, I will no longer be a Local School Council Facilitator, as my medium, and long term goals conflict with this very important mission. As I look back on the last 25 years of Local School Council Service, which was celebrated with the CPS Office of LSC Relations Officer Guillermo Willy Montes de Oca, Last December 2014 at Lane Tech High School. I also look back with honor at 8 years of service and 5 years on the Board of Directors of Parents United for Responsible Education, 5 years of service with The Rebuild Our Schools TaskForce at the Neighborhood Capital Budget Group, 18 years of service with the Kenwood - Oakland Community Organization in the fight to level the playing field for all of our children. As I look back on a combined 40 years of Local and International Public Service in the Community, I see a Community in a historical context comprised of a voluntary association of the "disinherited" taking a direct role in which decision making theory becomes reality in our well developed affinity for "distrust" for Centralized Authority. At its essential core, "Community Organizing" is vital for "Participatory Democracy"

A New Urban Educational Agenda to Avert the Eradication of Communities of Color— Flint Water Crisis

The Case of the People of Flint vs. The State of Michigan President Obama has declared Flint a disaster area. How do we discern what justice looks like, and is the water safe? Residents are gunning for the Snyder Administration to be held partially, [...]

A New Urban Educational Agenda to Avert the Eradication of Communities of Color— Flint Water Crisis2016-11-29T17:36:57-05:00