Eli Hager

About Eli Hager

Eli Hager is a researcher and collects reporting from inside prisons. He has a BA from the University of Michigan and a MFA from Columbia University's writing program. Previously, he worked at Esperanza, an alternative sentencing program for adjudicated youth.

Our Prisons in Black and White

After swelling for decades, the number of Americans in prison is finally, gradually beginning to shrink. For the first time since 1978, populations in both state and federal prisons are getting smaller, the result of an overall decline in crime, an easing of the War [...]

Our Prisons in Black and White2016-11-29T17:37:01-05:00

When School Feels Like Jail

Rockmon Montrell “Rock” Allen, an 18-year-old from Jackson, Mississippi, has never gone to jail. But school, he says, was close enough. At Ridgeland High School, a large public school in an increasingly black suburb of Jackson, he was punished repeatedly for what seemed like minor [...]

When School Feels Like Jail2016-11-29T17:37:02-05:00

Blue Shield

It has been more than two weeks since Baltimore police dragged Freddie Gray into the paddy-wagon from which he would emerge, half an hour later, with a fatal injury to his spine. But as another day ticks by, Gray's neighbors and fellow citizens remain largely uninformed [...]

Blue Shield2016-11-29T17:37:15-05:00

The Worst State for Kids Up Against the Law

Last week, the Florida Supreme Court ruled in Falcon v. State that juveniles not convicted of murder may not be sentenced to life in prison, and that even those convicted of murder may not be sentenced to life without parole, citing a U.S. Supreme Court precedent [...]

The Worst State for Kids Up Against the Law2016-11-29T17:37:16-05:00