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Philip Kovacs is a Father, a husband, an academic, agitator, and inventor, dreamer. He is also .an Associate Professor of Education at UAH in Huntsville, Alabama. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Foundations, English Methods, and Applied Multiculturalism as well as supervises student teachers. Dr. Kovacs was the director of the Latino/Latina Institute, a multi-year effort to increase the number of L/L students entering and completing college. Currently, his research interests focus on his belief… “Teachers” should nurture diversity, embrace identities, identify complexities, and integrate abilities so that all children engage in refining reality(ies). | Follow him @philipkovacs

An Open Letter to My Son’s Kindergarten Teacher

Greetings and Salutations! We haven’t met yet, but we will meet soon. I need to apologize in advance because I am going to be one of “those” parents. You know, the ones who are constantly checking in, perhaps over protective to a fault. In my [...]

An Open Letter to My Son’s Kindergarten Teacher2016-11-29T17:37:49-05:00

A Response to a Parent From a Kindergarten Teacher

Dear Dr. Kovacs, It’s nice to “meet” you! I cannot wait to have your son in my class this year. There is no need for you to apologize for being “that” parent. I will take an engaged, interested, hands-on parent over a “no show” any [...]

A Response to a Parent From a Kindergarten Teacher2016-11-29T17:37:54-05:00