The Gates Foundation Education Reform Hype Machine and Bizarre Inequality Theory

The Gates Foundation Education Reform Hype Machine and Bizarre Inequality Theory2016-11-29T17:39:22-05:00

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By Adam Bessie and Dan Carino | Graphic Journalism | Originally Published at TruthOut. August 24, 2014 00:00

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For a more immersive experience, readers will find documentation and links to further reading embedded within in the images.

Special thanks for the scholarship and insight from: Diane Ravitch (Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools); Anthony Cody (The Educator and The Oligarch: A Teacher Challenges the Gates Foundation, forthcoming); Paul Thomas <Social Context Reform: A Pedagogy of Equity and Opportunity); Mercedes Schneider (A Chronicle of Echoes: Who’s Who in the Implosion of American Public Education); Joanne Barkan (See her must read investigative series in Dissent Magazine).

This comic accompanies a two-year long Truthout supported series illustrating the education reform debate from an alternative perspective, both ideologically and visually. For previous graphic essays on education by Adam Bessie, see also “This School is Not a Pipe” (with Josh Neufeld); “The Disaster Capitalism Curriculum: The High Price of Education Reform” (with Dan Archer: “Part I: Washington D.C.“; “Part II: New Orleans“; “Part III: Finland“) and “Automated Teaching Machine: A Graphic Introduction to the End of Human Teachers” (with Arthur King).

Copyright, Truthout. Reprinted with permission. We at EmpathyEducates wish to thank TruthOut and the Authors and the amazing Graphic Journalist, Adam Bessie and Dan Carino.

Dan Carino is a graphic journalist based in Los Angeles, California. He’s also the founder of Co-Jo.US, a new media platform that combines the latest tech with handmade comics art. Want to explore graphic journalism? Contact Dan at dan @ | @Dan_CARINO | @CoJoUS

Adam Bessie is a professor of English at a Northern California community college and an essayist, most recently in comics form. Bessie is a regular Truthout contributor, and his writing has also appeared in The Washington Post, AlterNet, and in the Project Censored book series, among others. Follow him on Twitter: @adambessie.