“When Milwaukee Meets New Orleans” Webinar

“When Milwaukee Meets New Orleans” Webinar2016-11-29T17:39:34-05:00

Project Description

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The When Milwaukee Meets New Orleans Webinar was designed as means to share the experience and lessons learned from the Recovery School District New Orleans Post Katrina. This was an interactive exchange of ideas with Louisiana residents, Dr. Raynard Sanders, Karran Harper Royal and Lee Barrios. They discussed their knowledge and observations about the so-called “Miracle in New Orleans,” the Recovery School District.
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Milwaukee Meets New Orleans Panelists

Raynard Sanders, Ed.D.
Raynard Sanders, Ed.D.New Orleans Imperative
Raynard Sanders hosts The New Orleans Imperative, the only weekly radio show that focuses on public education in New Orleans. Ray has over thirty years of experience in teaching, educational administration, and economic and community development.
Karran Harper Royal
Karran Harper RoyalEducation Advocate
Karran Harper Royal works as an Education Advocate in New Orleans. She is the Assistant Director of Pyramid Community Parent Resource Center and contributor to Research on Reforms. Karran is a consultant to The southern Poverty Law Center.
Lee Barrios
Lee BarriosTeacher
Lee Barrios holds an undergraduate degree in English and Journalism Education and received a M.Ed., in Secondary Education. She attained National Board Certification in 2003 and was Louisiana PTA State Educator of Distinction 2004/05.

Ray, Karran and Lee are intimately involved with the struggle to make the schools in New Orleans work for the students, parents and the community. Ray is a former Principal and radio talk show host. Karran is a parent and community advisor. Lee is an educator and grassroots organizer. Each of these education activist is involved daily in combating the ill effects of the state run Recovery School District. Each will share their knowledge, experience and best practices, as well as engage in a lively interchange of ideas with the webinar participants.

A Bit of Background. MPS School Reform Initiative

Race and class play a role in education in Milwaukee, and most cities around the country. (Photo: Getty Images)

Look Closely At School Reform Initiative
There’s talk of a new education “reform” initiative directed at Milwaukee Public Schools, based on the experience of what’s been done in New Orleans. We are being told it’s a miracle — a claim we should take with a large dose of skepticism.

For the past two years, the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce has been talking about introducing a New Orleans-style Recovery School District (RSD). Recently, the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute proposed the same idea in a report titled “Pathway to success for Milwaukee schools.”