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Books; Reviews, Tours, and Excerpts

Books offer opportunities to travel the world[s]. Turn the pages and you have turned a key. Read and you will reflect, realize, relate, gravitate and elevate ideas. Boundaries are non-existent. Open a book and you have opened yourself to the great beyond.

EmpathyEducates hopes to expand horizons and minds. We think that the books referenced on these pages will broaden our perspectives, better our practices, and heighten awareness. We invite you to peruse the reviews, dive deeply into the excepts, meet Authors on tour, and share your views.

  • Read the research, stories, and views.
  • Reflect and/or Relate
  • Join the Conversations.

“Stop Fearing Our Children”: Why Juvenile Incarceration Needs to Go

"Children, it turns out, will never thrive in storage," Nell Bernstein writes in the recently released Burning Down the House: The End of Juvenile Prison. It's a statement that shouldn't seem radical. [...]


John Lewis’ Moving Graphic Novel Brings the Civil Rights Struggle to a New Generation

In the tradition of “Maus” and “Persepolis,” “March” tells the story of young African Americans who, like its author, rose up from the Jim Crow South to assert their human rights. By Valerie Schloredt | Originally [...]


How Conservatives Hijacked “Colorblindness” and Set Civil Rights Back Decades

Why do so many whites respond to the dog whistle refrain that they, and not minorities, are today’s most likely victims of racial discrimination? Colorblindness helps to legitimate the substance of dog whistle complaints [...]


How the Genteel Rhetoric of “States’ Rights” Grew the “White Man’s Party”

Few names conjure the recalcitrant South, fighting integration with fire-breathing fury, like that of George Wallace. The central image of this “redneck poltergeist,” as one biographer referred to him, is of Wallace during his [...]