Film Reviews

Good Morning Mission Hill on a Screen Near You


Unlike most of their public school peers, Mission Hill teachers have control of their curriculum, and a say in most aspects of school life. At this Boston public school academics connect to experiences, empathy and exploration are valued, and children with diverse abilities [...]

Good Morning Mission Hill – Rethink What Equity Looks Like in Public Schools


GOOD MORNING MISSION HILL – The Freedom To Teach, The Freedom To Learn A reaction against the latest public school reforms is brewing, with parents all over the country opting out of the 2014 testing cycle. Many more are [...]

‘American Promise’ and ‘Promises Kept’ – The Black Male Achievement Gap


‘American Promise’ and ‘Promises Kept’: New documentary, book tackle black male achievement gap By Alexis Garrett Stodghill | Originally Published at The Grio. February 3, 2014 at 4:42 PM New documentary, book tackle black male achievement gap Inspired [...]

Growing Fairness; The Film


Growing Fairness teaser from Teachers Unite on Vimeo. For more information about collaborative workshops, screenings, and resources, visit Teachers Unite. Restorative Justice's After-School Special By Bryce Stucki | Originally Published at The American Prospect. October 4, 2013 The documentary [...]

American Revolutionary: ‘The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs’


‘Solutionaries are today’s Revolutionaries ~ Grace Lee Boggs Originally Published at Conversations That You Will Never finish October 26, 2013 The Evolution Never Ends and is Now Captured on Film The first time I even heard the word Solutionary [...]