Chicago School Closings; Film Screening, Research Presentation, and Panel Discussion


Chicago's School Closings — Film Screening, Research Presentation, and Discussion The second installment in The School Project film series, Chicago's Public Schools: Closed will explore the major event in 2013 that sparked the filmmaker team to begin this project: the [...]

Good Morning Mission Hill on a Screen Near You


Unlike most of their public school peers, Mission Hill teachers have control of their curriculum, and a say in most aspects of school life. At this Boston public school academics connect to experiences, empathy and exploration are valued, and children with diverse abilities [...]

Good Morning Mission Hill – Rethink What Equity Looks Like in Public Schools


GOOD MORNING MISSION HILL – The Freedom To Teach, The Freedom To Learn A reaction against the latest public school reforms is brewing, with parents all over the country opting out of the 2014 testing cycle. Many more are [...]

‘American Promise’ and ‘Promises Kept’ – The Black Male Achievement Gap


‘American Promise’ and ‘Promises Kept’: New documentary, book tackle black male achievement gap By Alexis Garrett Stodghill | Originally Published at The Grio. February 3, 2014 at 4:42 PM New documentary, book tackle black male achievement gap Inspired [...]

“The New Public” Tackles Poverty and Education


By Greg Kaufmann and Elaine Weiss | Originally Published at Bill Moyers and company.November 12, 20013 We’re proud to collaborate with The Nation in sharing insightful journalism related to income inequality in America. The following is an excerpt from Nation contributor Greg Kaufmann’s “This Week in Poverty” [...]

Education Film Series: “The New Public”


Screening Event Details and Registration The award-winning 2013 documentary The New Public chronicles the lives, and daily experiences, of a group of high school teachers and their students in their first and fourth years in an alternative school in the tough Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. Director [...]

Lessons From the 1963 Boycott Then and Now Anniversary Event


You were there. If perchance you were not physically present at the actual 1963 Boycott of the Chicago Public Schools you can be there at the 50th Anniversary event,Lessons From the 1963 Boycott Then and Now. [See the Program [pdf]. View videos of the [...]

Growing Fairness; The Film


Growing Fairness teaser from Teachers Unite on Vimeo. For more information about collaborative workshops, screenings, and resources, visit Teachers Unite. Restorative Justice's After-School Special By Bryce Stucki | Originally Published at The American Prospect. October 4, 2013 The documentary [...]