The History of Public Education in New Orleans Still Matters


Photographic Credit; Students at a New Orleans charter school in 2011. By Ted JacksonTimes Picayune. If we cannot see white supremacy in the past, how will we recognize it in 2016? One could reasonably conclude that, prior to 2005, public education in New Orleans [...]

Deadly American Extremism: More White Than Muslim— The Numbers


Everyday, somewhere in America people wait in long lines only to be patted down, or body scanned. We open our suitcases, empty our pockets, and place our computers, belts, and purses on a conveyor band. Instinctively American citizens and visitors respond on demand. We travel [...]

Feds Spent $3.3 Billion Fueling Charter Schools but No One Knows What It’s Really Bought


PRESS RELEASE | May 8, 2015Contact: Nikolina Lazic, 608-260-9713, (Madison, WI)–The federal government has spent more than $3.3 billion over the past two decades creating and fueling the charter school industry, according to a new financial analysis and reporters' guide by the [...]

5 Reasons Why Senator Alexander’s Education Bill [and What Is Today] Fails Communities of Color


Earlier this month, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) proposed a bill to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, or ESEA. The ESEA is seven years overdue for a reauthorization. The process presents an opportunity to improve U.S. school systems for communities of color. Unfortunately, Sen. [...]

Rising to the Challenge or High School Graduates Feel Unprepared For College and Work


In November of 2014, Achieve a Hart Research independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit education reform organization, asked 1,347 High School graduates, "Do you feel prepared for college and work?" Did you "Rise to the Challenge and get a good education?" Public high school graduates responded, there was [...]

The Racial Achievement Gap, Segregated Schools, and Segregated Neighborhoods – A Constitutional Insult


Abstract Social and economic disadvantage – not only poverty, but a host of associated conditions – depresses student performance. Concentrating students with these disadvantages in racially and economically homogenous schools depresses it further. Schools that the most disadvantaged black children [...]

Immigration Reform and Education: Demystifying Mythologies about Latina/o Students


Abstract IN THIS PAPER, THE AUTHORS DECONSTRUCT COMMONLY HELD MYTHOLOGIES ABOUT IMMIGRATION to inform the critical discourse and support those educators who strive to be fair brokers of an inclusive educational system addressing the distinct needs of immigrant students. We (teacher educators and a community organizer) [...]

Research on Reforms – Comparison of 2014 Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (LEAP) Results


It is generally accepted that the Orleans Parish Schools taken over by the Recovery District in New Orleans (RSD-NO), as a group, performed at or near the bottom for achievement levels on The Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (LEAP). Nevertheless, ardent supporters of this "reform" movement [...]