Homeless Education 101: Facts And Resources


Facts And Resources About The Education of Children And Youth Experiencing Homelessness? How Many Children and Youth Experience Homelessness? In the 2011-2012 school year, 1,166,339 homeless children and youth were enrolled in public schools.1 This is a 71 percent increase since the 2006-2007 school year. [...]

Beyond Input: Achieving Authentic Participation in School Reform


Originally Published at Theories & Practice. Harvard Family Research Project| The Evaluation Exchange IX 2 M. Elena Lopez and Holly Kreider of HFRP present a framework of authentic parent participation in school reform and its implications for evaluation. Although educators closely scrutinize how this reform [...]

A Broader Bolder Approach to Education; Mission Statement


A Broader, Bolder Approach to Education The Challenge More than a half century of research, both here and abroad, has documented a powerful association between social and economic disadvantage and low student achievement. Weakening that association is the fundamental challenge facing America’s education policy [...]

The ABC’s of Achievement Gaps Policy Brief


Download the Flyer The ABC's of Achievement Gaps Policy Brief By the time they reach fifth grade, many disadvantaged students lag their wealthier peers by one to two years in reading and math achievement. Policy responses often include standardized tests and teacher evaluations [...]

Position Statement on Standards and Testing for Young Children


Working to support and nurture the rights and needs of young children. DEYproject.org Download the White Paper Standards and Testing for Young Children. Position Statement What is the problem? Today, the majority of classrooms for preschool, kindergarten and primary age children are required to [...]

National Association for Multicultural Education


Originally Published at National Association for Multicultural Education February 1, 2003 Numerous definitions of multicultural education have been proposed or espoused by scholars, researchers and organizations over the past 30 years. To assist researchers, teachers, educators, and parents in understanding and implementing multicultural education, the National Association [...]

Market-Oriented Education Reforms’ Rhetoric Trumps Reality


ABOUT BBA The Broader Bolder Approach to Education is a national campaign that acknowledges the impact of social and economic disadvantage on schools and students and proposes evidence-based policies to improve schools and remedy conditions that limit many children’s readiness to learn. BBA was launched in [...]

A Human Rights Based Vision of Public Education


We need a fundamental change in our education system itself not just a change in governance Independent Commission on Public Education [iCope] box 582 Brooklyn, New York 11215 718.499.3756 www.icope.org Introduction The Independent Commission on Public Education (iCOPE) believes that system [...]

Sustainable School Transformation Plan


Sustainable School Transformation — OUR CHILDREN ARE NOT COLLATERAL DAMAGE! Originally Published by Journey for Justice. December 2012 For Further Perspective, please ponder and Download A Proposal for Sustainable School Transformation. Communities for Excellent Public Schools. July 2010 The Sustainable Success Model. Communities for Excellent Public [...]